Are you ok? Fine, thanks. You?

All warm and fuzzy.



Hello! Ooh yeah… this is FANTASTIC! Nice fucking pen!!

(A snip at £8.99.)


She tested (at least) 5 pens here.

It’s A Wonderful What?

The Stationer’s Test Pad

This is it. A shining example of the stationer’s test pad. A couple of hellos a few wows and a lot of scribbles.

The idea for this blog is to create a stash for all sorts of images like this one. A scribble and a hello are just the start, but what else do people write on these small, anonymous, public platforms? I’m hoping we’ll turn up lots of interesting stuff.

So if you have your own photos, please add them to the Stationer’s Test Pad group on Flickr or send them to